Community Engagement

The vision for Crenshaw Crossing was born out of community engagement.

So it is only fitting that strong community partnerships will be an essential element of this project. Community-based partners such as West Angeles CDC will help create a development that is accessible and dynamic.

About West Angeles Community Development Corporation

The mission of West Angeles Community Development Corporation is “to increase social and economic justice, demonstrate compassion and alleviate poverty as tangible expressions of the Kingdom of God through the vehicle of community development.”

Advancing a Legacy of Service

West Angeles CDC was founded in early 1994 as an outreach program of West Angeles Church of God in Christ, then a 15,000-member congregation in the Crenshaw District of Los Angeles. Dr. Lula Ballton and Bishop Charles E. Blake, together with Trustees of West Angeles Church, founded the CDC to expand the compassionate outreach and neighborhood development ministries of the church in the face of mounting problems of poverty and injustice in the surrounding community.

Lack of jobs, business investment and affordable, decent housing, struggling schools, endemic homelessness and gang activity were all signs that new, long-term improvements were needed. At the same time, new business and community-building activities had also begun and were growing.

These signs were new life and hope on which to build. In January 1994, the CDC was incorporated as a nonprofit organization to bring together people and resources to help develop the community.

We are proud to have them as partners dedicated to connecting the local community with Crenshaw Crossing’s affordable housing and other opportunities.

About the Crenshaw Chamber of Commerce

The Crenshaw Chamber of Commerce is committed to the development of the Crenshaw Corridor as a matrix for commerce and culture that attracts economic investment, tourism, and fosters community pride. The Chamber creates a mechanism to increase economic development for new and small businesses.

We believe that a partnership with the Crenshaw Chamber of Commerce is critical in generating the vibrant and diversified mix of uses we believe is required to make the project a successful one. The proposed development program anticipates a mix of community-serving commercial uses and we are excited to work with the Chamber to connect with the community and understand how best to meet its objectives.

Helping Local
Businesses Thrive