Our goal is to help to develop the skills of local job seekers and provide opportunities for residents to work closer to home and spend less time commuting to and from their jobs.

As a member of the Crenshaw community, the team is committed to helping its neighbors. Hiring local residents through a targeted recruitment program is a win-win for a catalytic project like the Crenshaw Crossing, and the overall community. That’s why Watt, WACDC and TRG have partnered with the AADAP WorkSource Center to prepare our community for the future jobs associated with the project.

Consistent with Los Angeles County policies, the team is committed to ensuring that at least 30% of the construction jobs go to local residents, as well as 10% of the construction jobs going to workers facing barriers to employment. 

Ensuring that the Crenshaw Crossing continues to be embraced by local residents after construction is complete, the team is working to identify commercial tenants that are also committed to local hire.

Furthermore, our team is committed to working with community-oriented and minority contractors to ensure that local subcontractors and suppliers have an impact on this project. On June 16, 2022, we hosted our first of many Meet and Greet events with local subs. The event was attended by over 30 local subcontractors and suppliers. The workshop was intended to provide subcontractors with the opportunity to introduce themselves to  the owner/developers of the project, learn more about the overall project scope, understand the timeline for construction, and build relationships.  


Our local hire and construction outreach is a crucial part of this project – that’s why we’ve started this process over a year earlier than normal. We will continue to host Meet and Greet events for local subcontractors, provide the necessary training and education to subs and potential workers, and advocate for our community. Sign up for our quarterly updates today.

Visit the AADAP WorkSource Center:


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